Don't Lose Your Song

10:22: This 10 minute video gives us a peek into why Lakewood Church and Joel Osteen is so successful. About halfway through the video.. after a song of worship.. Joel prays for and encourages people to hope in the Lord.. something I needed today.

In this 10 minute video you see another reason why Joel's messages succeed on so many levels. For those who think that his messages are just fluff I say watch this one.. and start believing in and bringing the best out of those around you.

10/17: I needed this message today. If you have never listened to Joel Osteen you might want to watch.. try it for 10 minutes.. and remember to make melody in your heart today.. it might change your day.


  1. Did you catch Joel on 60 Minutes Sunday? Very interesting interview!

  2. I did see the 60 Minutes interview and also caught Joel and his wife Victoria on Larry King last night.

    I love Joel's message and yet I understand why church people may not like his approach to ministry.. his approach is not for the those with an intense theological bent.. but if you are discouraged.. listening to him has a waying of getting you to look to Jesus.. like I did this morning when I listened to his message.

    If you have the Daystar cable network you can catch a full hour of ministry at Lakewood Church (on Tuesday nights at 9 central time) and get a much better picture of Joel as a pastor. He is a tremendous young leader and a beautiful representative of Jesus to the world.

  3. I might have to check him out in depth more. The whole megachurch thing is a major turn off for me though. I was in one for almost 10 years. Just got out.

    I used to criticize people like Joel for "watering down the gospel". From what I've seen, he reminds me a little of Robert Schuler. But, from what I saw on the interview on 60 Minutes last night, it looks like he's doing a good thing for a lot of people. It's just not my cup of tea.


  4. I'm a big Joel O. fan. I bought his book but it is tough to read. Sometimes he's a bit "self-helpish". I know his message is perfect for some can he is doing great work for God. Rock-On Joel! Amen!
    p.s. I know how to tap into joy; be interested in someone ELSE'S suffering. Be interested in comforting OTHERS. You are a great source of joy to me and often a model of this. You have suffered so, and yet your heart is sincerely interested in my suffering. I know you'd say, "just keepin' it real man". God Bless You Bob!

  5. I'll echo this Brian:

    I used to criticize people like Joel for "watering down the gospel".

    I used to do it too. Heard Joel tell Larry King that the gospel is the good news.. he said that people are very aware of their sin and don't need fire and brimstone messages. I agree with this because the Holy Spirit (not the preacher) is the revelator and convictor of sin ... when people sin they (eventually) know that they did something wrong and usually need a message of hope and not condemnation.

    About self-help.. not sure that it is so much about self as it is about help.. and I can usually use a bunch of that :)


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