Crazy Stop Signs

Oak Lawn, a Chicago suburb, has installed signs beneath the stop signs at 50 intersections with messages, including “WHOAAA,” “Stop … and smell the roses,” “Stop … right there pilgrim,” and “Stop ... in the naame of love.”

“I thought it might make people smile and take notice,” Mayor Dave Heilmann said Friday as he launched the campaign.


  1. Fantastic idea! Practical and fun at the same time.

  2. A friend of mine works there, and she and her friends have been taking pictures with their cameras, trying to find as many different signs as possible.

    It is a terrific success. Oak Lawn is nothing special in the way of architecture or history or entertainment, but this will put them on the map (that, and the fact that their school board is right in the middle of considering a ban on ALL holidays including Halloween, from school....)


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