In one of her great posts Barbara recently said:
There's a tag going around that asks: "What were you doing 10, 20 and 30 years ago".
Interesting question.. here are my answers:

10 Years Ago I was newly married (2 years) and starting my life afresh with Ann. We were dealing with teenagers in pain (grieving their Mom's death) and much of family life dealt with dealing with that pain. That year we began attending a new church (our first that we chose together). We were both healthy and walked two miles together most evenings. I was still working for AT&T and very happy about my work.. little did I know that in less than 1 year I would be retiring at age 49.

20 Years Ago I was living the good life.. see picture. My life was built around God, family and church. I loved every aspect of my life. My wife and I were raising a son (age 7) and daughter (age 3) and our lives were filled with so much life and joy. A few years later my wife would have a heart attack and the joy would be gone.. I didn't know how great things were.

30 Years Ago I was a living life as a new believer in Jesus. My wife and I had just moved to Kansas and I had just begun a new career as a computer programmer. The past pain of her three years of blindness seemed to be a distant past. Life was filled with joy and excitement as we travelled about sharing our story of how God had rescued us from physical and spiritual blindness.

Thanks Barbara for sharing your 10-20-30 story and inviting me to share mine. For the rest of you, I invite you to share your 10-20-30 story.. let me know if you share it at your blogsite.


  1. Wow, Bob. This brief post packs in so much. Your life is such a perfect example of how every beautiful thing in life is just on loan from God, and how he keeps letting us borrow new, beautiful things. It's real easy to focus on what we loose instead - like it was ever ours to begin with! Thanks for sharing this.

    I'll try, but it'll be hard.

  2. Bob, Your life has seen more than its share of sorrow, but I am glad you also have stories of joy and redemption.

    Now about that pic .... I made it large so I could see the smiles on those three faces! You looked the pretty happy driving that thing and your kids are darn cute!!!

  3. Let's see, 10 years ago I was in Korea with YWAM. 20 years ago, I was in 7th grade. 30 years ago, I was just learning to walk! ;)

  4. I loved this, Bob; very touching.

    I did it, too.

  5. And you were following Jesus on all of those parts of your journey.

    10 years ago I was newly divorced and reeling from the shock of it. Didn't know where God fit into my life. Had to change every single plan for my future.

    20 years ago I was living a nice single life, I was very fit, had a job with a boss I learned a lot from, and had finally grown up.

    30 years ago I was in college. It was a time I was trying to be near Jesus, interestingly, but had no plans to adjust the morality of my life, so you can guess how that worked out. I was struggling with a difficult major and getting the hang of being an adult.

  6. Actually Barbara.. only the brown haired boy is mine.. my daughter was too young for the ride.


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