Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Pearlie's post of Celtic Woman's version of Rainbow made me want to listen to the version from The Wizard of Oz. Listen to both versions and let me know which one you prefer. My vote is for Dorothy.. but then again I am from Kansas J


  1. You're a cruel man, KB, forcing me to listen to both of these again. :-)

    The versions are just so different. Judy sings with the hopefulness of a young girl, and the Celts sing with the beauty of old hearts that have seen pain. In the end, the Celts make me cry and that always gets my $.

  2. KB, both give me goosebumps at some point in the song! It's very hard to choose, but I think I'm going with familiarity. The Oz version was the first to put this song in my heart, so I must remain loyal. :)

    I posted a version I really enjoy at my "house."

  3. Love Celtic Woman, but gotta go with Judy.
    Wasn't she like, 16 when she sang that? Amazing.

  4. Even though it is the same song, they are both indeed so different. Judy's song tell a story, though not without talent whereas the other one showcases their talent, though not without a story. There is no way I can choose between two different things - I'd probably listen to them at different times of my life. For now - I'd choose Celtic ;)


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