How to Become a Famous Blogger

Dave at Cartoon Church gives all of us celebrity wannabes some good advice :) On the left side of the diagram I might include Michelle Malkin, Albert Mohler, Al Roker.. to name a few. On the right side I might include Matt Drudge, Michael Spencer, Scot McKnight.. and others. I know that I am missing many.. early morning funk setting in.. who do you think of on the left and right side of the cartoon?


  1. You sure come up with great posts. I think you should be more famous, I bet there are a ton of people who read you that don't comment. Do you have a stat counter? Only a very tiny percent of people who read my blog comment.

    Okay that said:
    I can't think of anyone to put on the right side, but I probably could if I tried really hard.

    On the left I think of Andrew Jones and ???? I don't know. I'll come back

  2. That's funny, Bob!

    One of my favorite celebrity bloggers is John Mayer - he would be on the left.

    For the right, I think of Perez Hilton. Never read his blog (& pro'lly never will), but I've seen him on all the entertainment news shows.

  3. FBs who are bloggers first are usually better bloggers, unless that is they're famous due to their writing. I prefer to read non-famous blogger's blogs.

  4. I am with you Scott ... don't know of a famous blogger that I regularly follow.


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