Better than Romeo and Juliet

N.Y. couple also a perfect genetic match

An engaged couple in Manhasset, N.Y., found out they were even genetically compatible when they were forced to share a kidney before their marital vows.

The unusual situation came about this year when 23-year-old Jarena Bates suffered kidney failure, prompting her fiance to offer one of his own kidneys should they prove compatible, the New York Daily News said Saturday. Tests showed Tyehesian Johnson was genetically compatible to his fiance and last week they went under the knife in what has been called a successful transplant surgery.

Their surgeon, Dr. Ernesto Molmenti, said the situation reminded him of one of the oldest literary tales of romance known worldwide. "They had matching blood types and genetics," Molmenti said. "Their story is better than that of Romeo and Juliet."

The newspaper said Bates has already started calling her fiance her "angel" in recognition of his extraordinary engagement present. "God brought him here to protect me, and I love him for it," she said of her future husband.

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  1. What a beautiful true tale of love and sacrifice in a day when the majority of news published is bad!

    Also, congratulations to the new transplantation program on Long Island!


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