Dr No

This just in from the Baltimore Sun:
Tonight thanks to Leno, a few million Americans who've never heard of the man with two first names, will get their first exposure to a representative known in Congress as Dr. No for his anti-spending votes.
Here is what I found on a AKA Dr No post at Digg
Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul has never voted to raise taxes or Congressional pay. He has always voted against USA PATRIOT Act, The Military Commissions Act, and the Iraq War.
I watched Ron Paul on Leno last night and, while I like many of his positions on social, fiscal and foreign policy issues, I don't think that America is ready for him.. he is just too honest for us.. I think we will say no to Dr No L


  1. I disagree. I think it is high time for America to have someone too honest. Good God, soon we will hve no country if the present course continues. Haven't we had men who are too dishonest for too long?

  2. Ditto this Mrs M..

    "Haven't we had men who are too dishonest for too long?"

    ..and I might add selfish, arrogant and power hungry :)


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