Supernatural Perspective

Put me down with no, yes, no, no, no! Now if the questions were about demons instead of ghosts.. spiritual gifts instead of ESP.. well that might be a different story J How would you have answered?


  1. I'd say no, yes, yes, no, no. I have read of holy people who could read other people's hearts, in other words, they could perceive beyond their senses. I believe that's true.

    I also think all these "gifts" could be used by Satan OR God, and "witchcraft" is a great example of the gifts used for evil.

    The gifts of the Spirit are all "extrasensory" when you think about it: tongues, prophecy, interpretation.

    As I've grown in my trust in God, I find myself more unafraid of running into any of this. My God is way stronger!

  2. Those are great points TZ.

    I have thought for some time that the occurrence of the counterfeit is an evidence for the real deal.. you can't counterfeit a three dollar bill :)

  3. With the proliferation of "haunted house" TV shows (I need to watch less TV), I think, as I click past them, that I would probably not be afraid to go into a haunted house, because I would be strong in prayer.

    That's probably simplistic: I'd be creeped out and unnerved and scared, but I'd be praying constantly through the entire experience, out loud even, and I think I'd come through it fine, if a little shaken.


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