Where Have All The Shepherds Gone?

Kelli Standish asks the question Where Have All The Shepherds Gone? I commented at her site giving references to some of my past posts. Here is my answer to the question:
Your post is sadly representative of probably the majority of church members experience. Here are a few reasons that (I think) we are in this position:

The Seduction of the Pulpit: I think that our evangelical desire to be 'taught' has attracted teachers rather than shepherds to the ministry.

Lack of Relational Authority: Evangelicalism has attracted a plethora of leaders who want positional authority instead of relational influence.

Loss of Our Prophetic Voice: Evangelical leaders have long coveted political power and have consequently lost the ability to speak prophetically to our nation.
The problem that Kelli described is symptomatic of a disease in the church. I see it all the time and have had to battle it myself. The battle to "be someone" is so fierce ... just recently I have come to grips with this phenomenon in my heart ... each day I am getting more comfortable with invisible ministry ... but it is not something that comes natural :)

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