Vote for Sanjaya ?

03/21 Update: Sanjaya Rocks American Idol

Heard about this website?

Apparently Howard Stern is joining with them in supporting Sanjaya for all the wrong reasons.

Of course it is just TV :)


  1. I have heard of it and I am bothered a little by it. It seems to me that all they are doing is screwing up a chance for someone. They seem to think it is funny. The only way the skinny kid with the bad voice is still on is because of these folks.

  2. OK...I guess I'm the only one who actually enjoyed Sanjaya. I thought he was a cute kid with a nice voice. I caught him on Idol...which I rarely watch...and he sang a nice song, looked nice (hair was weird, but okay) and he got raked over the coals.

  3. Part of me thinks it's valid, but not for the reasons their website gives. American Idol hasn't produced one legitimate star since season 1,(are her career didn't really take off until after she broke away from the management company) and a few underdogs have gotten farther in their career without winning (Chris Daugherty, for one example). I wonder if 19 Entertainment is just bad a managing musicians? I've heard some of Taylor Hicks' CD and some of it stellar and some of it is just awful, and it's getting virtually no play time. Seems to me that voting for the worst might allow some of the better artists to get out before the show/management company screws up their careers too much.


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