Church and Technology

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Each week I hear something or observe an attitude that reflects the sentiment in this cartoon by Dave Walker. Many in churchdom seem to think that technology is not needed and attempts at changing services to include technology (i.e. computerized presentations) is simply not needed. These folks also do not understand or even see a need for a church home on the internet. Such a sad commentary. What is your experience with technology in church?

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  1. I think that makes sense only if they sell the microphones and speakers and get back on a hill like Jesus did, using natural acoustics. Either technology's bad or it's just a tool -- let's not ride the fence.

    A few years ago I was in a worship service where a member ran up to the microphone to give an impromptu speech about the evils of PowerPoint, especially when it showed pictures of Vacation Bible School kids, and not some theological object lesson.

    Or perhaps it was a lesson, and he missed it.

    Our church now has a couple of screens and uses video regularly. The preacher normally has some kind of PowerPoint for his message, and the same is used for songs. It works fine for me.


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