Evangelical Warming

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Christianity Today reports of a new bruhaha at the National Association of Evangelicals over the credibility of Global Warming.

The article just begs the question:

Is the environment an "Evangelical" issue?

My wife and I disagree: I think it isn't but she thinks that it is.
Let me know what you think.


  1. Is.

    It's not a salvation issue, but it's a kingdom concern to save the world. We are still here to guard something, right?

  2. I don't see it as an "evangelical" issue. I see it as a "human being" issue. Many of the people I've talked to about it (all of them I would consider evangelical) are either ignoring the issue or see it as a "liberal" issue. Kind of like how we used to view "those hippie recyclers". It would be nice to see us evangelicals step up and make this a more important cause to us. Right now, all we see is Al Gore - once he's involved, we assume it'a a liberal issue, not a universal one. Gotta love bipartisanship.

    I work for a lighting company and "green-friend", "sustainable", and "energy-efficient" are the buzz words in the kitchen and bath industry right now - especially at the manufacturer level.


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