The Darkside of Ministry

Recently our local paper had an expose' on the finances of a local SBC church saying that it's senior pastor kept financial matters secret. It is sad, though necessary, when the secular media does this kind of stuff.


  1. I live in an area that has several of those kinds of ministries, it’s hard to watch as they bilk some out of money leaving those that do good things looking just a guilty. Those that send are blessed because they sent in good faith those that are spending the money on large homes a diamonds will have God to deal with.

    When I give I want to know that it’s going to the place that needs it not for a large AC bill in a big house.

  2. This was an interesting story. I disagree with the quote (and it WAS just a portion of what he said) given by Paul Crouch where he said, "They want us to be poor and humble." I don't recall hearing that anyone wanted them to be poor; it does indeed take money to run ministries of that size. All I heard was a request for accountability for how the money is handled; I agree with Milly that I want to know that my tithe is going to a place that really needs it.

    It seems that the national media does focus on this often, and that the focus (perhaps unfairly) seems to be on large televangelical ministries. Sadly, it's not limited to them -- and in some instances, there's flat-out embezzlement and theft; even my own Episcopal Church hasn't been immune to it over the years.

    Thanks for posting this.


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