War Zone Diary

On March 21 at 9pm CDT, MSNBC will air War Zone Diary, an hour special based on the video journal of NBC News’ war correspondent Richard Engel, 33, who has reported continuously from Iraq for the last four years. Here is a short interview he did with Tim Russert a few weeks ago on Meet the Press.Here is a quote from Richard Engel on what it’s like to live and work in Iraq for the last four years.
“As Iraq has changed, I have changed. The war has cost me my marriage. I’ve had friends killed and kidnapped, survived bombings and attempts on my life. I have seen Iraqis freed from the numbing, terrifying fetters of totalitarianism, and had their lives destroyed by the religious bigotry, ignorance, greed and opportunism unleashed by this war. It has changed my outlook. Violence and cruelty now seem, to me, to come easily to mankind; a new belief that disturbs me. But I am also more appreciative of how quickly life can turn for the better, or for the worse.”
My prayers go out for Mr Engel and for all other US civilians in Iraq.

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