Grand Canyon Skywalk

Another reason to make that oft postponed trip to the southwest?

Have you ever been to the canyon?


Would this new attraction attract you?


  1. Strikes me as very scary. But I'm a chicken about heights, sometimes.

    I've never been there.

  2. I could do this, but NOT with the kids. I have heart attacks with 2nd story rotundas and balconies with them around - and cruies give me nightmares of kids falling overboard.

    I'm going to Vegas this summer, is it close?

  3. I would not walk out on that thing if you paid me. I do love the Grand Canyon and have visited it several times since it's not that far from me (8 hour drive). Have you been?

    My recommendation would be to stay in Williams AZ, a very small town - one main road, mostly for tourists but some very authentic Arizonians around there! They have a train that will take you to the Grand Canyon and I believe it serves breakfast on the way.

  4. I have been to the canyon and I would do that in a half of a heart beat. I think it would be cool

  5. I don't know -- I've got the height thing too. But then again, how often do you get a spectacular view like that?

  6. I'd do it and spit over the side.


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