The Thinking Blogger Award

This week Nova Dad has given me The Thinking Blogger Award. One of the responsibilities of this prestigious award is the awarding of five other blogs. So, drum roll please, I hereby bestow on the following blogsters the designation of The Thinking Blogger Award:
From The Morning is a blog that causes me to think about faith and life from a younger perspective. It has helped me to expand my thinking beyond my experience ... and it is cool :)

Enter The Rainbow is authored by a United Methodist pastor and has helped my see past my nondenom background and experiences. It has taught me to see value in a different faith perspective.

Prodigal Daughter is not a place you want to go unless you want to change. The author of PD writes in such a transparent and vulnerable way. She is authentic to the max and helps me to witness the life of an overcomer.

Julie Unplugged is a UPI religion writer that has a similar faith background to my own. Julie helps me to see faith and life in a helpful and constructive way. Her insights on Evangelicalism are revolutionary revelation.

Familyhood Church, The Milly Times and The Sword's Still Out (along with many other blogs) have caused me to rethink community. I listed these as representatives of bloggers that genuinely care for me and pray for me when I hurt. These bloggers are the reasons that I come back to blogworld every day.
So, the responsibility of these award recipients is to award others with "The Thinking Blogger Award". Be sure that when you award them, you link back to the original source of this award and include the icon displayed above.


  1. THANK YOU, KB!!! This is an honor and I will pass it along.

  2. Wow dude. Thanks! Very kind words. Same to you... As far as causing me to view things from another perspective.

  3. How cool is that? I'll get to it when I get back in town. Thanks Bob. I'm honored.


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