I Hate Pocket Change

03/09 Update: Andy exposes a conspiracy theory about this Godless coin here :)
2/16: I found myself charging my $3.41 bagel and coffee purchase this morning so that I would not have to deal with 59 cents of rattling pocket change. So this announcement about a new flavor of pocket change did not sit favorably with me.

As it is I really don't even like Washington dollar bills but Washingtom dolar coins? Give me a break! Who thought this one up? It is nuts!


  1. Maybe it's a generation gap. I use my debit card for EVERYTHING. Its normal for me to use the card to pay for purchases as low as $1.00.

    I just don't carry cash. Once in a while I do, but not typically.

  2. Excuse me MTR, us old folks use our ATMS all the time too!

    I rarely carry cash and am not too excited about the $1 coins. Couldn't we spend the money on something we need? Does it cost taxpayers money to make money?

  3. I'm just a cash gal the new coins will drive us nut for a while then go away like the others.

  4. I'm in support of the $1 coin. I watched a documentary a few years ago on A&E or the History Channel (I can't remember which), that said that going to a coin over the bill with save the government millions. I'm all for that.


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