Here is an excerpt from Christianity Today's review of this movie:
There are essentially two things you need to know about 300: It's extremely violent, and it's unlike anything you've seen before.

The first point should come as little surprise for a movie about the Greco-Persian Wars, specifically The Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC. According to history, King Xerxes (yep, the same guy who takes Esther to be queen in the Bible) launched a massive campaign against Greece with an army that most claim to have numbered in the hundreds of thousands—some even say the millions. Many states were easily conquered by Persia's might, and Sparta seemed poised to fall next...

And yet I must also confess, the violence didn't shock me as I expected. You might call it desensitization, though I still wince at the graphic brutality in films like Braveheart, Schindler's List, and Saving Private Ryan. Chalk it up instead to the stunning visuals, which brings me back to point number two: This movie is unlike anything you've seen before...

The result is an eye-popping vision with massive armies, imaginative landscapes, and lots of slow-motion action. It's all so stylized, 300 comes off less as a horrific reenactment than as an art museum or history book come to life. Aside from the actors, most everything you see is computer-generated—including the blood—presumably allowing Snyder to control every component of the shot to make it as artful as possible. Virtually any given still from this movie could pass for a hyper-realistic painting...

I cannot stress enough that this movie is not for everyone because of its violence and excesses. Nevertheless, the execution is artful (literally and figuratively) and it presents some lofty ideas in the process. With filmmaking both epic and imaginative, 300 is the stuff that legends are made of. Read the entire review here.
The other reviews that I have seen are very good. Even so I'll probably wait for the DVD (maybe HDVD by then) release on this one. How about you?

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  1. This movie, 300, was amazing; stylish in the extreme. Yes, violent but a great offset to some of the campy but fitting dialog. The main character's wife is stunning. I also watch the earlier version of the movie; don't bother unless you are a student of film and you feel compelled.


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