Baby Bear's Revenge

"What? Goldilocks ate my porridge, broke my chair..." -- Missy


  1. The revenge of Baby Bear and the gang.

    "What? Goldilocks ate my porridge, broke my chair..."

  2. I'm no good at captions but I love bears, they are so cute - yet so powerful and dangerous.

  3. I thought Daddy said building our playground was going to BE a bear -- not that it was going to be FULL of bears.

    (Weak, yes, I know; comedy systems are running at half-speed tonight.)

  4. In effort to keep bears out of playing in the dumps the national wildlife foundation is spending millions on playgrounds for the cubs.

    “We are in hope that the cubs will grow up in this program and raise their cubs to stay away from the dump sites also” said forest ranger Robert.

    When asked about the hazzards being involved with human children. Ranger Robert replied. “That’s the price you pay when you play with bear cubs” “We realize there will be losses involved due to the fact that parents don’t watch their children and the children won’t pay attention to the signs posted. We’re sorry in advance for the children and teens who will attempt to deface the equipment.”


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