Who needs Stale Coffee?

About 15 years ago my fiancée Ann bought me my first coffee grinder. Since that time I have experimented with all sorts of coffee blends. Recently I tried a nasty blend of Millstone French Roast. These days I buy the stuff pictured below. My good friends at Dunn Brothers recently emailed me and reminded me that I no longer grind my own beans. Here are their tips for maintaining coffee freshness:
  • Extend the life of your fresh coffee as far as possible by storing it in a light-proof and air-tight container. Coffee is a fresh product and tastes best when kept that way.
  • When you buy fresh coffee, put it in the container and seal it up when you're not using it.
  • Say no to freezer burn! Please don't disrespect your coffee by storing it in your refrigerator or freezer.  Cold temperature is not necessary to retain coffee freshness.
  • Whole beans will retain their quality longer.  Once coffee beans are ground, flavor carrying oils start to degrade and can eventually go bad.
  • Try to buy as much as you will drink in about one week. Then, when you go to buy more, you'll be restocking with fresher coffee that has been roasted more recently.
They end by saying "It's OK to be a little greedy about the freshness of your coffee."
I agree.. who needs stale coffee? Even if I buy it pre-ground

What are you drinking these days? Do you grind your own beans?

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  1. My favorite of all time coffee was Mocha Java from Trader Joe's. Unfortunately, about 6 months ago they discontinued that brand. Bummer! I've been experimenting with new coffee blends. I grind at the store!

    Gotta run....I smell the coffee!


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