Advice for the Reporters that cover Tiger

I am hoping that this headline is heeded more by the "news" folks then the golfer.


  1. LOL. I don't think you have to worry about Tiger being too chatty about what's going on between Elin and him. But, the reporters....? Shut up? Right.

    I'm still a big fan and glad to see Tiger back. I'll be pleasantly surprised if he even makes the cut though. I don't expect to see him around on the weekend.

  2. I just saw a clip of VP Biden taking a shot at Tiger.. hard to get context of his statements from a short clip. I expect Tiger will be fodder for the late night comics for a while. I just hope the "news" folks stay quiet.. really.. who needs to hear about this anymore.

  3. I take it that this headline is aimed at the media and at public figures like Biden. Woods himself certainly hasn't been doing a lot of talking.

  4. Maybe the caption should read.........

    Shut Up and Let Tiger Play Golf!

    I'm with you, Bob. I'm sick of all the whoopla about what's going on in Tiger Woods' life. A pox on the media's obsession with golfers, basketball players, and all the other "stars" of one sport or another. Being rich and famous doesn't make someone IMPORTANT.


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