Fess Parker, 1924-2010

The star of the 1950s Davy Crockett TV show died today.. the second TV actor of that era to pass away this week. I so loved that show.. I even had a coonskin hat and a rubber Bowie knife.. lets see.. did Crockett have a Bowie knife.. hmmm.. I think that was a different TV show. Such was the TV programming of my childhood - all black and white.. Westerns were so popular back then.. I guess cop and detectives shows have taken over for that genre. Parker also starred in the Daniel Boone TV show in the 1960s which I did not watch - I was a teenager then and way too cool to watch it.

Heard that he, like Peter Graves, was married for a very long time. Today is Parker's wife's 84th birthday. Please join me in asking for God's comfort and peace for her and their family.


  1. I still watch Daniel Boone! Love it and the actors and actresses too! Miss you Fess!

  2. I'm so sad to hear this! We loved Daniel Boone.
    When we lived in Santa Barbara in the 70's Fess Parker lived there, and we had the opportunity to see him in person once.

    I love it when famous people have long marriages!

  3. Ever since I saw he had passed away, I've been singing the theme song to the show that I learned as a kid. A lot of our genuine television heroes are going away...

  4. Sigh.........I loved Fess Parker in Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett. The Daniel Boone episodes may have been a "crock" in comparison to the real frontiersman, but I loved them anyway.

    The more our beloved legends of the big and small screens pass, the older I feel.......sigh.


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