The Trials of Staten Island Chuck

Staten Island Chuck munches on a sweet potato
as a jury of pre-school youngsters weighs
the final verdict on his spring prediction.
According to this article:
"Chuck predicted an early spring and he's been taking what we call a beating in the court of public opinion," Mitchell said. "A couple of snow storms, biting the mayor last year; he's really been taking a shellacking." According to Peter Laline, general curator at the Zoo and a "groundhog whisperer," there have been 26 days of temperatures over 40 degrees since his prediction and 15 days under 40 degrees.


  1. Well we are enjoying 75 and sunshine. Love this are popping out in the back yard! Oh my goodness I love Spring!!

  2. Seems like I read that his accuracy rate for the past 25 years is considerably higher than Phil and those other whistle-pigs. Anyway, our weather has been pretty nice since his prognostication. Go Chuck!!

  3. Yup, we have 70+ degrees today. Our buds are blossoming and its such a gorgeous day.


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