At least we have the Jayhawks!

KU players celebrate their 72-64 victory over K-State last night to claim the Big 12 Men's championship.
Most of us in the Kansas City area love KU (except for those pesky K State and Mizzou fans) because they are the closest thing we have to a winning team. It has been a really long drought for Kansas City "professional" teams. Both the (I think they are still playing "professional" football) Chiefs and the (at least they have $1 hot-dog games) Royals are no match for the KU Jayhawks when it comes to a winning team.. albeit KU does not support an official "professional" team.. yeah.. I think they are amateurs


  1. Speaking as a die-hard Durham Bulls fan, I can't WAIT for the season to open.32 days, 4 hours, and 57 minutes to opening day.

  2. That was an exciting game. Great defense on both sides. I'm not even a KSU or KU fan. But with all the local hoop-la (Get it? HOOP-la?), My First Wife and I watched the game.


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