Another Caffeine Party is Born

Just learned about this on Facebook this morning. This Coffee Party Movement was started on Facebook by Annabel Park, a 41 year old documentary filmmaker living in the DC area who got mad about the state of affairs in DC. It seems like it is way too early in their "movement" to have any political positions yet.. they describe themselves as a "work-in-progress". Here are a few of their major themes excerpted from their Facebook page:
  • It's not about coffee or tea. It's about this simple question: are we as Americans getting the leadership and representation we need from our elected officials?
  • Our message to Congress: You work for us, not for corporations. We hired you and we get to fire you. We pay you and give you great health insurance. Now get to work serving the interests of the American people, or get out.
  • Another way of putting it is this: we have a democracy with a loophole. The most active, most well-funded, and most organized interests can dominate the process. And for many years, corporations have dominated our democratic process because they can afford to hire thousands of lobbyists to reside in Washington DC and actively influence the direction of our government.
So far these folks have 37,458 fans on Facebook.. even I became a fan. Maybe I need to find the official Tea Party page and fan them as well.. maybe one day these parties will come together.. maybe they will be known as the Caffeine Party.. a group of folks hopped up on morning stimulants and ready to revolt against the political machine that seems to run our country.. maybe closer than we think?

Are you, like me, frustrated by our leaders in DC? On a scale of 10 I am at 7 - you?


  1. Not sure if we'll see any mixed coffee-tea parties. While both recognize that DC has huge problems, I think the groups differ on the role of the government. If tea party is outraged conservatives/libertarians, perhaps coffee party is outraged progressives. The big news is that the Internet provides for a "collective voice" of us little people.

  2. I agree with what Ed said. I have a fundamental difference with the Tea Party which seems to be made up of conservatives/Libertarians who just want the government to "get out of the way". I'm definitely not going to be joining up with those people anytime soon. I do agree our government is broken. But, I don't think the answer is for government to stop doing its job but to start doing its job.

    Yes, I am very frustrated with our leaders in Washington. I'd like to see serious and major reforms to reduce the influence of corporations in our legislature. On a scale of 1-10, I'd say I'm at about an 8. I'm almost ready to just vote against any incumbent in there. I'm not quite there because that would meaning voting against good people. But, I'm fed up with our Congressmen not listening to us.

  3. Guess I resonate with what you both are saying.. the Tea Party movement has been a bit too shrill for me even though I sometimes resonate with what they are saying. I do think that DC needs reforming and I guess I am ready to start voting against career politicians next time I vote.. even the good people don't need to be in office for life.

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