Redemptive Bloggings

Many of you know about my other blog.. I don't write there as much as I do here but I would love for you to read some of what I write there. Here are a few links to some of my recent writings:

Listening to Your Emotions: A few thoughts about how we should listen to, but not follow, our emotions.

I like Providence more than Sovereignty: I like Providence - it comforts and blesses me to know that He is there during the difficult times that His sovereignty permits.

Following where You Do Not Wish to Go: Sometimes life happens and we find ourselves in a place where we never dreamed we would be.. and we struggle.

Masks of God: I love the idea that we are the masks that God wears as He interfaces with people in the world.

On Judging Sinners: A few thoughts about the tension that exists amongst religious folks and sincere people of faith as they interact with folks outside of their faith tradition.