Addict at 10

This short two minute video gives us a brief glimpse into the life of Derek Steele who took his first sip of tequila at age 8 and found himself enmeshed in the world of drugs until he got free when he was 20 years old. With the support of a 12-step program, he found God and left drugs and alcohol behind.

The publisher has offered a free copy of Derek's "Addict at 10" book to three readers. If you would like a copy just use the Contact tab at the top of this page to email me your name and mailing address. I will then forward it to the publisher and they will get the book in the mail to you at no cost. For more information about Derek's journey check out His website.


  1. I am working with an old friend I haven't spoken to in 17 years through his 3 year long relapse into prescription drug and alcohol addition. The transformitive power of Christ really shines through such an experience.

  2. A powerful trailer Bob. its hard for me to fathom someone so young getting involved in so much ugliness. Thanks be to God he is in the restoration business.


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