Sound Bite Reporting

This short video, complements of the folks at, is an example of their attempt to report the news using multiple sources that have differing views. I have watched several of their videos and find their reporting to be an interesting approach to sound bite reporting.. but I am not sure that I need more sound bites - my blog, after all, is full of them

What do you think of news shows that offer the news in edited sound bites? Helpful or not?


  1. Helpful because it summarizes what I don't have time to listen to (a long speech or interview) into what I do.

    Not helpful because such editing can (and often does) reflect the biases of the person reporting. Intentionally or accidentally they can distort what the person is saying.

    So, "Helpful or not?" . . . Yes!

  2. not helpful. promotes the illusion that we are 'informed' when we're not. particularly disappointing is that the 'story' is so often nothing more than repeating the minimal information that was in the 'teaser'. headlines - which leave a lot open to ambiguous interpretation... more useful for comedy on jay leno than educating the public. not to mention most of the 'news' now is better suited for tabloids... does anyone REALLY care what brangelina's up to...?!!!


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