Wimbledon Marathon

I spent the morning mesmerized by a great Wimbledon men's final that lasted over four hours. Switzerland's Roger Federer barely bested American Andy Roddick with the final set going 30 games before Roger bested Andy 16 games to 14.. that last set took more time than the whole Women's championship match on Saturday. Congrats to both guys for a great and entertaining match.. and kudos to Federer for breaking Pete Sampras' grand slam record by winning his 15th grand slam title.


  1. Good call, Bob. Just magnificent.

    Roddick played his best match, and if he'd not been on court so much longer than Federer in the last couple days I think Federer would have been the first to collapse.

    As it was, I still think Roddick gave one of the most gracious concession speeches in all sports history. The man is truly classy (and I never thought I'd hear myself say that.)

    It was a wild ride.

  2. I am impressed with Andy.. he is a great rep for our country. I am hoping he does as well at the US Open.


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