Remembering Space

For me the early 1960s was all about space. I started following the Cape Canaveral launches in 1961 when Alan Shepherd became the first American in space. I remember doing a scrapbook of John Glenn's amazing orbit of the earth in 1962 when I was in Junior High School. As the decade (and I) aged my love for space changed and by the time this date in 1969 came I was not really interested in space too much. I remember catching the moon landing on a USO TV in El Paso, Texas but don't remember being all that wowed. I guess Army life and soldiering had changed my perspective a bit. Kind of a sad way to remember such a great day for America.

Were you alive in 1969 and aware of the moon landing? If so, what were you doing when man landed on the moon? Were you huddled around a TV with family or were you, like me, watching the event with strangers?


  1. So you don't remember the moonshot Mike :)

  2. I remember seeing footage of it as a young child and for years thinking I had seen it on the actual date, but of course it's not likely that I would recall viewing it at less than two months old.


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