Walk With Me

I lifted this beautiful post from the lingamish blog. The words below are read by my cyber friend Dana to the background music “Walk With Me, Lord” by Danny Denson and Michael Card.. click on the arrow to hear it.

I dedicate this post to my beautiful wife Ann and to many who, like Ann and Jill Hollis, persevere with much grace and courage through extended periods of hardship.. and show us what courage under fire really looks like.

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child.

I’m a long long way from home.
The folks in church are singing love songs.

But I feel like singing the blues.

A good twelve-bar blues

With a harmonica moanin’ low and sad.
Because you’re gone.

You’re gone and I’m still here waiting.

Everyone tells me you’re never coming back.

But I keep looking out the window.
Why did you have to go?

It would be one thing if you’d just up and left.

But your spirit bangs around in my head and my heart.

Leaves me feelin’ like a kook with tinfoil in his hat.
True believer. Yep, that’s me.

Staring into space. Talking to the walls.

Because I’m a true believer and I know you’re coming back.

I hope you’re coming back.
But sometimes I feel like a motherless child.

Sweet Jesus, Savior of my soul, take my body as well.

I’m looking out the window and waiting for you to come back.

I’m a long long way from home.
I pray that many of you will take this to heart and walk with someone who is experiencing pain and trial. People going through difficult experiences really need us.

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  1. Amen Bob. Hubby hasn't been going through the difficulties your sweet wife has but I found it a challenge to be sympathetic and helpful as I should have. The Lord and I had a conversation at 4 AM about that very thing. Time to straighten up and fly right. Hubby will get better and God is good.


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