Obama does not want to hear this :)

A bit of fun from the folks at Politico in a Roger Simons column titled: 21 things you can't say to President Barack Obama. Here are a few things from the list of things not to say to the prez after a televised press conference:
  1. Hey, we hear the Golf Channel is going to carry it next time. Well, actually, only the Golf Channel is going to carry it next time
  2. Professor Gates called. He can’t find his house keys.
  3. You want a cigarette?
  4. Biden called.
  5. The reason we can’t put the questions on the teleprompter is because we aren’t supposed to know the questions in advance.
  6. Hillary called.
  7. If nobody blogs about it, we think you’ll be OK.
Check out the rest of the list here and let me know if you particularly like one of them. They are pretty funny.

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