Unwanted Email Messages

Most of us hate to get annoying email messages.. some are forwarded ones from friends but many are ones that get by ISP server filters and get to our inboxes.. the ones that get through are called spam.

An article titled Report: Americans dumber than a box of rocks about spam reports:
When it comes to spam, we Americans are quick to point our fingers at Russia, China and eastern Europe as the regions responsible for the bulk of it. But a new report issued today found that Americans are largely to blame - not because we create it, but because we’re too stupid to recognize that we’re spreading it.
The report noted that, during the second quarter of 2009, Americans relayed more spam than any other country.
The spam problem isn’t going away - but we can make a difference if we just use some common sense. I don’t like the idea of the rest of the world mocking the U.S. either, but it looks like we had this one coming.
My strategy for dealing with unwanted emails is twofold. Firstly I use Gmail that, unlike my Ymail account, actually does some spam filtering on their server. My second line of defense is Outlook.. a dozen or so messages a day go directly to my junk folder. And I don't forward viral email messages.. but I do check most of them out with a truth-checker. So I guess spam is not too much of an issue for me.

Do you ever forward viral email messages? Do you have a spam filter? What is your strategy for dealing with unwanted email messages?


  1. I don't get spam on yahoo or outlook. The only thing I get are fax spam.

  2. I rarely forward anything. Many times if I find something interesting I will clean it up, reformat it, and then send it to interested parties.

  3. Oh and I also use poltifact.com and factcheck.org in addition to Snopes.com.

  4. Spam filter on e-mail account, never forward virals, delete any e-mail that starts with FW: or that I don't recognize the sender.


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