According to their website (
JOCKIPEDIA is where you can find an athlete's REAL Twitter Feeds, THEIR own Personal Blogs (as opposed to blogs about them), THEIR real Facebook and MySpace pages (as opposed to fan pages) and THEIR own Websites (as opposed to fan sites). It's also where you'll find links to their Video Channels (like their YouTube or Motionbox Channels), and their Photo Galleries (like Flickr and Shutterfly).

JOCKIPEDIA is a community reference site — just like Wikipedia — where everyone who registers can Create Athlete Pages (including their own) and Add Links to any athlete's Twitter Feeds, Blogs, Sites, Pages and any other first-person publications.
Does anybody want this? Anybody think it will take off?

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  1. I enjoy watching and playing many sports, but I will never get into sports radio or ESPN. To take such a small and insignificant part of our lives and turn it into a 24x7 discussion, now complete with twetes is too much.


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