On My Own Terms

I have not posted anything here about Governor Sarah Palin's announcement that she will be resigning in a few weeks. I liked what Joe Scarborough wrote in his piece titled: "Sarah's Resignation Brings Back Memories". Joe spoke of his own decision to leave congress during his fourth term to be with his hurting sons.. it was a nice glimpse into the tensions that many of our governmental leaders experience.

The cartoon's phrase "on my own terms" caught my eye.. I think is a good characterization of both Palin's and Scarborough's resignation. I personally like the idea of taking care of yourself and your family. I think that it is okay to quit a "job".. yes it is a "job".. "on my own terms". About this time last year I retired from pastoral ministry for personal reasons.. I left the church staff "on my own terms".. and was glad that I did even though it was a difficult decision.

I guess there will be pundits on both side of the aisle on Palin's resignation.. some will be for it (her) and some against it (her). I am glad that she is leaving "on her own terms".. she knows what is best for her. Now whether it is best for Alaska.. who can say.. the church survived without me.. I am sure that Alaska will be okay without her.


  1. I have no problem with Sarah Palin resigning as Governor of Alaska, if it's for the best of her family. In fact, I admire anyone who puts his or her family first.

    However, I must say I am skeptical about her motives. Only time will tell whether this is about money or furthering her career in some other way or about family. She may have resigned for the good of her family or she may have decided the stage in Alaska wasn't big enough for her. I suspect it was the latter.

  2. Either way Brian, she left on her own terms.. who would fault her for leaving if she can bring in more bucks doing it.. people switch jobs all of the time for similar reasons.

    And if she runs for the Presidency that will be her choice as well.. now getting elected.. we may have a vote on that :)

  3. Have you seen these shirts? http://patriotboy.blogspot.com/2009/07/sarah-for-president-in-2013-12.html


  4. Bob,

    If she left the governorship for the good of her family, I'm fine with that. I would feel differently about her ability to honor commitments if she left for other reasons.

    But, let's keep it real, I'm not a citizen of the state of Alaska. So, she's not abandoning me for greener pastures. And I wouldn't vote for Sarah Palin for President either way. So, maybe I've already said enough.

  5. I suspect that neither of you guys will vote Palin if she runs :)

    I am okay with her quitting for money (she has big debts) or a bigger political stage. Of course I won't be watching her show or listening to her speeches.. and like you said Brian.. I don't live in Alaska so it really doesn't affect me either.

    Of course.. who knows.. she may be right.. lol.. this may be the best thing that ever happened to Alaska!

  6. I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt unless she proves otherwise. I suspect she became burned out and frustrated over the fact that she has lost a lot of popularity amongst Alaskans and she is now a lame duck Governor. Only one of the 12 bills she has introduced in the Alaskan legistlation has passed since the National Election. Apparently both parties within her state have turned against her and her popularity amongst Alaskans has dropped 30 points in the polls in the last eight months. I bring this up, in part, because, Palin and many of her supporters frequently assert that her problems are primarily due to the "liberal media" but apparently it isn't only the media that questions her qualifications.

  7. But it's only the media who questions whether Trig is actually her son, who suggests that her young daughter (whichever one) might be raped by a professional baseball player (and I'd like to know where that player is, he should have screaming HIS own head off about the insult to his integrity!), that her unwed-mother daughter is her fault for being religious...

    NObody has had to take the personal attacks on her family that Sarah Palin has. Jimmy Carter had some bad times when some people picked on his daughter when she went through the awkward teen years (she was not a looker there for a little while), but they were outshouted, not celebrated on TV.

    Palin's not ready for national leadership, but I think she is a natural leader, and a fine example of conservative pro-life feminism. And all the right people hate her, but that must be exhausting.

  8. I don't agree that it is alright for Palin to quit her office for the reason she gave - she doesn't want to be a lame duck for the last 18 months of her term and waste taxpayers money while getting nothing done. Why can't she finish her term AND work for Alaska while she's doing it. Does every governor spend the last 18 months of their term doing nothing but traveling on taxpayers' money?

    Palin's coverage by the media was, in my opinion, always justified by her remarks and her conduct. David Lettermans' remarks were horrible and inexcusable. Palin should have ignored Letterman as do 99% of the people that Letterman and other "humorists" pick on. Palin is a political incompetent with far right opinions and sex appeal. Her fans have as much to like in her as they had to like about Joe the Plumber.

    I don't think that Alaska and Alaskans will miss her for a moment. I'm thrilled that she will never be president of the United States but I won't be surprised if by 2012 what is left of the rapidly shrinking GOP nominates her.

  9. Joe, I think that life changed for Palin last summer when she was tapped as McCain's running mate. Life in Alaska was certainly a lot more manageable before she became such a celebrity.. not sure that anyone is ready for celebrity.. she certainly has struggled with it.

    Considering those challenges and changes I think that it is okay for her to quit her job.. it is only a job.. if she doesn't know what is best for her than who does?

    And I agree that Alaska will probably do better with a new governor and less limelight.

  10. I'll agree that celebrity is very difficult to handle when it hits one overnight. It's even difficult when it occurs over a period of years.

    I could not have handled her predicament well. I might very well have done worse than she did.

    I think she could have opted after the election to step back into Alaska if she did not want the celebrity that came with her aspirations. However, she chose to pursue national political prominence and never learned how to manage it. That, in my opinion, is why she felt the need to drop out.

    I do agree it is only a job but it was a commitment as well, which she made impossible to fulfill. Where would this world be if we all walked away from our commitments because doing so was easier?

  11. This is a great question Joe:

    "Where would this world be if we all walked away from our commitments because doing so was easier?"

    I have asked the guys I get together with monthly to discuss that tonight.

  12. I'm anxious to hear what they have to say. I wish I could participate.

    I was in KS on vacation last week. My brother and sister-in-law live in Leavenworth. When I told them about your blog and some of your posts they told me that their Baptist pastor has a ministry at the state prison and wondered if you and their pastor know each other. Is that possible?

  13. Joe I did minister at Lansing Correctional Facility (a state prison) from 2002-2005 but not at Leavenworth (a federal prison).. so I may have come across their Baptist pastor.. do you know his name?

  14. I actually don't care what she does. I hope it is for good reasons, but I'm not tying my future to her.

  15. Bob, have you ever written about your recent years and the things that led you out of the ministry?

    Don in AZ

  16. Thanks for asking Don. I retired a year ago to be with my wife Ann when she became disabled. This quote from GK Chesterton was especially meaningful to me at that time:

    "Why be something to everybody when you can be everything to somebody?"

  17. "Why be something to everybody when you can be everything to somebody?"

    Wow, great quote! Got a little misty at that one.

  18. What a profound quote Bob. That hits me right square between the eyes.
    I'm sure your sweet wife thanks the Lord everyday that you made that decision. It must have been difficult, but oh so right.

  19. Saw an interesting survey.

    Person Republicans most want to see as 2012 nominee: Sarah Palin.

    Person Republicans least want to see as 2012 nominee: Sarah Palin.

  20. Ed G., as a Democrat, I feel the same way. I'd love to see Sarah Palin as the nominee because I hope Americans would be sensible enough to realize she is no where near qualified to be President. OTOH, I'm terrified to see her as the nominee because she might actually win.


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