Social Security Weasels

This in from a San Diego County Political Buzz Examiner piece titled
Federal government employees soak the taxpayer on a spa retreat for $700,000:
Security Administration federal employees dance the taxpayers’ money away to the tune of $700,000.

The 700 Federal government employees were flown in from all over the country to stay at the 4-star Waldorf Astoria Spa Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona. The “stress relief” getaway was meant to sooth government employees psyches and was also attended by the Commissioner of the Social Security.

Many taxpayers feel the Social Security employees could have had these meetings at their offices and teleconferenced.

At a time of severe recession, when families are losing their homes and jobs, is this the change we can believe in?

The Social Security Administration claims they chose the cheapest contract. I doubt you’ll find a taxpayer who thinks a bankrupt federal agency should be taking $700,000 vacations on their dime.
Anybody out there feel that employees of the Social Security Administration should be having meetings like this one? These folks need to apologize to GM, AGI (the other swanky junket guys) and all of those other bailed out corporations.

I am tossing this one in my Weasels file.


  1. WOW. I wonder how many times this goes and no one even knows.

  2. PS just saw the comment in your sidebar by andrew was perfect for this post!

  3. Please be kind to us seniors , just because workers for SSA do something somewhat ???? able, Don't take monies away from Seniors who can barely make it on their meager savings , as it is !


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