Fox News Poll: Are They Kidding?

Recently Fox News, that bastion of all things conservative, published their findings to this poll question:

What do you think is the best job for Sarah Palin now that she has resigned as governor of Alaska?
  1. President of the United States
  2. Vice-President of the United States
  3. Television Talk Show Host
  4. College Professor
  5. Homemaker
  6. Other
Here are the results from the poll in descending order:
  • 32% - Homemaker
  • 17% - Talk Show Host
  • 14% - Vice-President of the United States
  • 13% - Other
  • 10% - College Professor
  • 6% - President of the United States
I am not sure who was polled but I found the choices to be absolutely horrible.. Fox News needs to fire their poll writers. "Homemaker"? Are they serious? What stupid choices! Where is "Corporate Executive", or "Senator" or Congresswoman" or any other position? Really.. would Fox News include "Homemaker" if Palin was a man? Give me a break!

Now.. for those of you who say that being a "Homemaker" is a greater position than all of those other ones mentioned: I think that you have missed the point. Sarah Palin is already a "Homemaker".. just a different flavor than the one you might be thinking about. And from what I can tell she is a great "Homemaker".


  1. and college professor? have they not seen her transcripts? :-)

  2. I really feel like Sarah Palin has been unfairly brutalized by the media. I don't blame her one bit for getting out.

  3. I am amazed that a person whom the political media wants to so readily dismiss and get out of public view is so constantly thrust into it. She is money in the bank for the media. As long as the media remains addicted to ratings = money, Sarah Palin will continue to remain in the public arena. As long as she remains in the public arena, she will be an influence on conservatives, and may even rise to a national public office. Obama/hope is already wearing thin. People are soon be going to be looking for another place for hope. Oh how the pendulum swings over this fickle polarized culture we live in! As for me, my hope is not of this world - and particularly not this political world.

  4. Wow, who let them publish that sexist remark...I agree if she were a man Homemaker would not appear on the poll. How silly.

  5. This is just too ironic to be true. Fox News made a sexist remark about Sarah Palin.

    I'm guessing they included homemaker as one of the choices because there are many member of their audience (em- Christian Fundamentalists) who might think a woman's place is in the home. Given that it got 32% of the vote, obviously at least 32% of the people polled didn't find the choice sexist.

    This is just too rich. Sorry for falling on the floor laughing. But, in all seriousness, I think homemaker should have been one of the choices- more people polled chose that than any other choice. This is reflection on the people polled, not Fox News.


  6. I wouldn't have looked at a single choice other than homemaker, but my belief is way old fashioned.

  7. And at the risk of being politically incorrect, I question our society that would make us even think that homemaker would be a choice for a man and that it would be an insulting choice for a woman. I like the society where woman at home is more accepted, while not mandated. Forcing woman out of the home and immasculating men has been a successful tactic of the left, the results of which we see all over in society.

  8. I hope she's good at cleaning and cooking because obviously her parenting skills suck.

  9. Homemaker as a choice would be an insult if it was the ONLY choice. There is nothing wrong with a woman (or a man) wanting to be a homemaker and many "choose" rather than "accept" that role. Any woman has the right to be insulted, in my opinion, if she is limited by society. I don't think a woman in any role emasculates a man unless that man's ego can only accept a woman in a subordinate role.

    Several years ago the president of the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Group, PepsiCo's largest franchise, resigned so that she could fully participate in the rearing of her children and in particular not miss one more birthday party while they were young. Once they were out of high school she returned to her career and is now the CEO of Sara Lee. She made a courageous choice to be a stay home mother (homemaker) for the sake of her children and her own pleasure. Many women cannot afford to stay home and raise their children. We all do what we can and what we must.

    Sarah Palin can take on any role she wants. She can and might run for president. I don't think she is any more qualified than I am for the presidency so I'm confident that the majority would not elect her. Not because she is a woman but because she is unprepared.

  10. You must know Sarah Palin personally Jeff to make such a harsh and judgmental assessment of her parenting skills.. or maybe you are just making a superficial judgment based on appearances?

  11. Hey Joe, Were you a governor of a state? If so I'd put your qualifications in line with hers. Otherwise your comment is just ridiculous.

    I think the question Fox News asked is ridiculous - like she's going to decide what she's going to do based on a poll. And I agree with you, she's already a homemaker.

  12. "I hope she's good at cleaning and cooking because obviously her parenting skills suck."

    God must not have done too well then either - He 'lost' His kids to rebellion in Eden. But He never gave up on them. I think THAT is the mark of a good parent!

  13. Bob, did I ever enjoy reading the comments....which just goes to prove...if Sarah P. is mentioned a hugh amount of emotions are evoked.

    I think she will continue to be in the public eye.... and may surprise a lot of people in the future that don't like her.

  14. Ok I’ll admit that I’m not a fan. But the poll is stupid.
    I don’t think that the press is treating her any differently than any of the other high profile politician. In that business you need to be able to be slammed and teased.

    As far as parenting goes who really knows. We aren’t with them behind closed doors. If we are only judging her by her daughter’s actions then a lot of folks are guilty of bad parenting those who are being called grandparents and those who’s kids used condoms properly. Careful, never know what your children might do.

  15. That's disturbing. They may want to make her look stupid but printing a sexist poll like that is what is really stupid.

  16. Hey Shane, my comment is not ridiculous. It is my opinion. Whether you agree with it or not isn't important to me.

    If you think Palin's experience qualifies her to be president or vice president of the U.S. then, lucky for me, that puts you in the minority.

    Palin invites the criticism she receives. Holding public office is adequate invitation. Consistently fumbling her job gives the news media, humorists and her political opponents, which include most of the elected Republicans in Alaska, more to report on, joke about and attack her with.

    My opinion - not yours.


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