Which Abraham Said It?

Without looking it up.. can you guess who said:
If the only tool you have is a hammer,
you tend to see every problem as a nail.
Was it? [presented in alphabetical order]
  1. Abraham Heschel - Jewish Rabbi and theologian
  2. Abraham Lincoln - sixteenth president of the USA
  3. Abraham Maslow - creator of the famous hierarchy of needs.
  4. Abraham Ribokowski - Russian human rights activist
  5. F. Murray Abraham - Academy Award winning actor
  6. Harold Abrahams - Olympic runner featured in the Chariots of Fire movie
You get one point if you identify the author of the quote and another if you identify the nonexistent person. Two points entitle you to a cup of Kansas Bob coffee.


  1. Bob, I actually read this quote somewhere (where??) recently. I am pretty sure it was Mr. Lincoln. I have no idea which one is made up - my guess, #4??

  2. 6 is made up
    3 is the author of the quote

    I think....

  3. I'll go with Maslow as the author and Ribokowski as the fictional character. Both are guesses.

  4. We have a winner folks!

    Stop by and pick up that cup of coffee next time you are in KC Ed!


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