I Support the Wealthy!

Did anyone see yesterday's issue of Parade magazine that touted the yearly earnings of a variety of people and occupations? I guess it is no surprise that a 35 year old Houston hedge-fund manager topped their list with $1.5 billion in annual compensation.

Ann and I were discussing the list yesterday and reflecting on the enormous amounts that celebrities and sports figures are compensated.

We Americans have a weird obsession with these folks and seem strangely unaware about our part in their compensation. I am part of the problem.. I watch the professional sports games on TV and go to the movies that many of these outrageously compensated people are showcased in.

All that said I have to say that I am proud that I can no longer be blamed for the outrageous salary of El Rushbo Limbaugh who made $38 million.. I also didn't support NY Yankee Alex Rodriquez's $34 million.. or contribute to Barbie's $3.3 billion income.. or take a GMAC loan to cover their CEO's $11.6 million.. also did not spend anything on the music of Jay Z ($82m) or Beyonce ($80m).. did not pay to watch a Tyler Perry ($125m) movie or buy one of John Grisham's ($25m) books.. and I did not watch Kelly Ripa ($8m) talk to Regis (who did not make their list).

I did watch Tina Fey last year and helped her earn $4.6 million.. oh well.. guess I only support a few rich people.. maybe it is good for the economy?

Which rich people do you support?


  1. I didn't see Parade yesterday but I know that I support several millionaries including Bruce Springsteen and everyone in U2. I don't watch a lot of TV or movies these days.

    Its upsetting to me to see the amount of money some of these people make all the while setting a negative example for society instead of a positive one. That's one thing I like about Bono - he's brought a lot of attention to world poverty and has helped make a difference.

  2. Great thoughts Barbara! Do you know how much of Bono's profits go to charity? I read this about him:

    "While Bono promotes charitable causes, he doesn't disclose whether he personally gives any money to them and, if so, how much."I love how much Bill Gates gives to charity.. maybe that is a good reason to buy a PC :)


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