Google Reader ousts Bloglines

I have been a longtime user and advocate of Bloglines (BL). I liked the way that it helped me organize the RSS feeds from many blogs and news sources.

When Google Reader (GR) came out I tried it but thought that it lacked the full complement of features and integration that I had in BL. Well, things have gotten better for GR and stayed pretty much the same for BL.. even their Beta version. I can now integrate my GR blogroll into my blog along with several of their other widgets.. and the one BL script that I use often slows down my blog. But the thing that pushed me over the edge is the way that GR displays on and interacts with my Moto Q smart-phone.. a much better and faster integration than BL. So I switched.

Do you use an RSS reader? Which one and why?


  1. I use Bloglines. Every now and then I try Google Reader, but I come back to Bloglines.

    On the other hand, BL has been slow and buggy of late and the Beta has been very slow to develop.

    I'll have to try GR again some time soon.

  2. Google Reader, but I haven't used the blogroll feature yet.

    I've thought about doing it for "featured posts of the day."


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