PUMA in the City

General Motors and Segway planned to take a two-wheel concept vehicle for a spin around New York City last Tuesday.

The prototype vehicle, called Project PUMA (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility), is designed to ease congestion and pollution problems in cities. It is based on the Segway Personal Transporter but holds two people, instead of one, and lets them sit, instead of stand.

A PUMA runs on lithium ion batteries, can reach 35 miles per hour, and can travel up to 35 miles between charges. It includes some high-tech touches, including GM's wireless OnStar communications technology that lets a passenger locate other drivers in a city.

The two-wheeler is meant to address the mounting problems of urban car transportation, according to the two companies that plan to unveil the vehicle at an auto show in New York. Read more here.


  1. Or you could ride a time-honored scooter with a friend on the back for 5% of the price...

  2. I ride a bicycle when the weather is nice. I think the PUMA is cool and I want one. I am shocked at the negativity it has received. If we can't have open minds, and a sense for fun and adventure, we may as well surrender to OPEC's plan to keep us enslaved.

  3. Might work good outside of the snow belt. How does it perform in sloppy, slushy, ice-covered streets? Does it have an adaquate heater? How do you keep the windshield from salting up, frosting up, slushing up?

    Or is it just a fair-weather vehicle, like a motor cycle?

  4. I haven't heard anything negative Tom but I do resonate with Ken's concerns.. KC gets ugly in the winter.


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