This frame from Sunday's Dilbert cartoon reminded me of my visit last week to a store that offered an instant rebate on an LCD TV. I like the instant rebates but not so much the mail-in ones.. even though I am pretty organized and eventually get the money.

Do you have any rebate stories?


  1. My father will put a $0.33 (or however much they are these days) stamp on a $0.50 rebate form and mail it in. I used to make fun of him when I was younger, but now I admire him for it.

  2. Seems mail in rebates take soooooo long to return and all the twists and turns to get the money make me crazy.
    I'm with you and love the instant ones.

  3. We got burned to the tune of about $250 on rebates.

    We signed up for new cell service with 3 lines through the web site inphonic. We got 3 free phones - after rebate and we had to pay up front about $250.

    The conditions of the rebate required sending in our 3rd or 4th cellular bill, which meant waiting 4 months to send it in.

    Around the time we were to send the rebate in, inphonic went out of business, taking our $250 with them. :-(


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