Netbook Recommendations

Thinking about buying one of cute little netbooks? Here are a few thoughts from the folks at ZDNet:
  • A Linux Operating System will cut costs over ones equipped with Windows XP.
  • Many of the most popular models feature only seven or nine inch screens.. before buying test it using a sample or evaluation unit at a local retailer.
  • Battery life varies widely by manufacturer and model.. some get as much a 5 hours while some just over 2 hours.
  • Be sure to review the pointer (i.e. touchpad) configuration carefully to make sure it meets your preferences.
  • Some only include only 16GB solid state.. be sure to factor storage space into your purchase.
  • Most netbooks don’t have a CD-ROM or DVD drive and force you to buy an external one if you need it.
  • Rethink machines weighing more than three pounds — too many sub three-pound options are available for you to settle for needless dead-weight.
  • Verify that it has sufficient USB ports and the appropriate video and network connections for your needs.
  • When reviewing CPU specifications, keep in mind that faster-running chips typically diminish battery life.
  • Check wireless options.. many users require 802.11n or Bluetooth connectivity.. still others need their netbooks to connect to cellular networks.
I looked at netbooks before I bought my 13" notebook and didn't think one would meet my needs. What do you think? Would you buy one if the price was right? What would you use it for?

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  1. i'd still go for an ultra slim laptop with independent graphics card... but they're so expensive


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