100 and counting..

I liked the subtitle on today's front page of West Hawaii Today.. miles to go, promises to keep. I think that the jury is still out on Obama's promises and policies.. one poll I saw has the nation split. Yet I think that the majority of the nation likes the person of the new president and wants him to succeed. Here's wishing President Obama well in the future.. may God bless him with much wisdom as he leads our nation.


  1. Which leades to the question that generated the Rush Limbagh furor:

    Succeed at WHAT?

    Keeping our nation safe and making it a fine place for our grandchildren to grow and live and reach their potential by learning to be self-dependent and developing and using their skills in a relatively free market? YES!!!

    Following a strategy that will make the USA a peer of the European socialistic nations and condition our grandchildren to depend on the government for everything from getting a job to owning a house to ordering their diet and raising their children for them? NO!!!

    I will pray for Obama's success when the picture becomes more clear as to which avenue he is taking. Right now I'm thinking it's not looking so good.


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