Intellectualism and Athleticism

Does anybody see a lot of difference between intellectualism and athleticism?
It seems to me that both are different strains of the same.. each are natural abilities or talents.. each can be improved or refined.. each can be sources of pride.. and both can result in some really dumb people.

I guess that is what I love about all of the "heart" stuff.. people can be wise even though they are not intellectual.. people can be strong even though they do not lift weights.. many times things like perseverance, imagination, personality and other indicators are better predictors of success.. in short.. you don't have to be an intellectual or an athlete to be successful in life.

What do you think?


  1. Guess you could sum it up by saying that God has designed people differently - each with unique gifts and talents and interests. And He delights in that diversity, and we can honor all these different gifts that He has creatively distributed, making each one unique.

    I'm not athletic in the slightest, but love to see an athlete doing what they love and enjoying the abilities God has blessed them with. Looks like fun!

    I guess the problem arises when we view gifts and talents through a wrong grid - and try to use them as a source of status, or pride, or power, or human glory. Every gift is susceptible to this mishandling by humans, even the spiritual gifts.


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