Veteran Perspective

This moving video reminded me that Veteran's Day is just a few days away. It brought back memories of leaving the Army in 1971 and feeling that I really didn't do anything special. It reminded me of how unappreciated I felt for several years and how I began to feel honored when, after I started going to church, I was asked to stand because I served our country.. the applause I received at church was the first time I ever felt honored for serving my country.

The video also reminded me of my son serving in the infantry on the Iraqi front lines.. of how deeply he was wounded in his heart when his friends died.. how hard it was for him to attend memorial services for his fallen comrades in Iraq. It reminded me of the great heart that my son has.. how he volunteered for a second tour of duty in Iraq so that he could fight side-by-side with his comrades.. how proud I am to have a son that serves with honor and courage.

I wonder.. when my son leaves the Army next spring after four and a half years of service.. will employers remember and honor his sacrifice by giving him a chance to earn a living.. will anyone else be there for him to help ease his way back into society.. will those of faith seek him out?

If you do nothing else on Veteran's Day please watch this video and remember to pray for our troops.. especially those in harms way.


  1. Bob, thank you and your son for your service to our country. I can't watch this video from work (technically and because I know I will sob out loud). But I will watch it as I remeber the men and women who have given of themselves, sometimes their lives.

    I hope your son gets the recognition and honor he deserves when he returns.

  2. KB, that is a beautiful video, thanks for sharing it. I too hope for wonderful things for your boy, a safe and speedy return home, pride for what he has accomplished and respect and love from those he fights for. My prayers are lifted for you both.

  3. How do we tell them that we love and support them not those who have sent them? How do we tell them we wanted them home so much sooner but they gave no plan to bring them home? How do we support a man who sent those we love to fly without a net?

    Please pray for Mike a boy who will come home a man. Pray the he comes home.


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