Be The Blog

Barbara awarded me with this which acknowledges "those bloggers that are showing time and time again that they are true to themselves and that they ARE their blog." Coming from Barbara this is a huge compliment.. I don't know any other blogger who writes truer to her heart than that Barbara. And in light of that I would like to pass this on to a few others who represent a breed of bloggers that I find to be so inspirational:
Brian: I love our conversations Brian and the sweetness of integrity that you write with.

Julie: It is hard to read anything that you write without being confronted with your honesty.

Karen: Your compassion comes out in every post that you write Karen.. I love the person that you are.

Milly: You write with such simple honesty Milly.. you are an inspiring writer and a great encourager.

Missy: I so admire your passion for life and how you communicate with an open mind Missy.

Therese: I appreciate your openness TZ and think that you are one of the great jewels of Blogdom.
I could probably add many more (so many of you inspire me) but these are the ones come to mind right now. It is interesting to note that some of these folks are people who I have sometimes had disagreements and have debated a few issues ad nauseum.. of course I was usually right.. it is what I love about blogging.. I feel that you all help me so much.


  1. Bless your heart, KB. I feel the same about you, I just didn't have such good words to put my thoughts in.

    Blogs give us a chance to be really honest, even if we are blind to our own shortcomings. I wonder how many bloggers are posing as who they are not?

  2. I've only known you a short time and I still would have to agree with your award!

  3. Don't ya love it when you can disagree with someone in a healthy way? Its a win-win.

    I like the bloggers you chose even though I only know most of them via comments here :)

  4. Thank you, Bob! I find it interesting that you and all the people you picked are all people I feel like I "know" after reading at their blog or some of their comments. I going to try not to feel guilty about passing it back. :)

  5. Congrats on the award, KB. It's well-deserved. Hope things are well in your world; travel has kept me out of the blogosphere for much of the past few weeks, so I'm looking forward to getting around more regularly!

  6. thanks, KB and back atcha!! You're the mostest realest blogger around.


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