Farewell Mr Whipple

It's OK to Squeeze the Charmin: Mr. Whipple Dies

Dick Wilson, the actor who so famously tried to keep shoppers from squeezing Charmin toilet paper in a series of TV commercials, died Monday in Woodland Hills, California. He was 91.
Not sure why this one makes me so sad.. guess Mr Whipple was just one of those iconic figures in my formative years.. makes me want to squeeze the TP.. even though it is not Charmin.


  1. Mr Whipple was still alive? That dude was old decades ago. Yeah, those were the days... Mr. Whipple, the Maytag man....

  2. We' are sad because he was a part of us in America at that time. Now marketing works too hard to add sex or cleverness to its products. He was so much better then those bears.

  3. I agree, he WAS a part of our childhoods! That was when toilet paper was even a little bit naughty to talk about, hard to believe in today's media culture. Like Milly said, marketing pushes a sexual agenda that is quite alarming in its seductiveness - it's easy to laugh and to carried along by cleverness, to a place we really shouldn't be.

  4. I too, wax nostalgic. Thanks Bob, for keeping your ear to the track for us. Remember that lady who used to soak her fingers in dish soap at the salon; Madge or something. Sad to admit, this all fits in the same nostalga package for me, that also said, "I'd rather fight than switch".


  5. And

    a silly millimeter longer

    it's not nice to fool Mother Nature

    I can't believe I ate the whole thing

    you've got a lot to like in a Marlboro: filter, flavor, pack or box!

    How did the Frito Bandito one go again? Get me started and I think I can sing the whole thing....


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