Hillary: Will too be Me!

A 30 second glimpse of the candidate:
Couric: If it's not you, how disappointed will you be?

Clinton: Well, it will be me. But of course, I'm ready to support the democratic nominee, whoever it is.

Couric: I know that you're confident it's going to be you but there is the possibility it won't be and clearly you have considered that possibility.

Clinton: No I haven't.

What do you think? Confident, arrogant or simply deluded?


  1. Fourth choice, Bob.


    A politician (or an athlete or a candidate for a job) cannot display any sign of weakness or lack of confidence. If Hilary had admitted she had considered not being the Democratic nominee or eventual winner, her opponents (both Republican and Democrat) would have a possible sound bite with Hilary saying she's not sure she's up to the task.

    I think this was strictly a political statement. Of course she's considered the possibility she won't win.

  2. I like Brian's answer but she BUGS me and I don't trust her - in fact she SCARES me.

  3. I like Brian's answer too. But unlike Barbara, I like her!

  4. What did she mean it might not be her?

    Look you can't go for something like this and no go all in. Plus it will be her.

  5. Milly said:

    "Look you can't go for something like this and no go all in. Plus it will be her."

    Is Milly deluded too?

    Just kidding!! I so appreciate your perspective Milly.. even if I disagree with it :)

  6. Anyone who knws me knows that I am NOT a Hilary fan and would never vote for her. But I will say that she probably didn't have a lot of control over what questions were going to be asked by Couric. (Perhaps I am being naive with that?)

    But please tell me that no one really expected to get any raw political meat from the interview with Couric.

    With questions like "How do you feel about Oprah going on the campaign trail with Obama" you can't take the interview seriously. You knew this was obviously going to be a chic-chit-chat when they started talking about "feelings" and "dissapointments" instead of hardball political issues.

    Having said that, I don't think Hilary is deluded. I do think she is confident. And for good reason because she's most likely going to win the Democratic nomination.

  7. Golly, think of the possibilities for November:

    Clinton vs Giuliani
    Clinton vs McCain
    Clinton vs Huckabee

    At no point is that going to be a intellectual or rigorously honest campaign season. It's going to be AWFUL.

  8. Therese,

    Do NOT discount Romney. As it stands right now, he stands a fantastic chance of winning the first three states in the primary. Huckabee is unfortunately gumming up the works for him simply because evangelicals (of which I am one) are uncomfortable voting for a Mormon.

    He's my guy. And I'm pretty encouraged about how well he did in the CNN (Clinton News Network) debate last night.

  9. I am with Danny Kaye on this one. I like Romney and I think he has a shot at taking it all if the Rudy/Mike coalition doesn't get him derailed in Iowa.

    Of course they all need to get past the splinter factor :(

  10. I like how they both kept these wide smiles on their faces as they shot the evil eye toward each other... made me laugh! I hope it's not Hillary... I'd rather Obama or Edwards than Hillary... (since I think it's unlikely a Republican will win this election).

  11. You can't fault her for telling the truth (for once). I wouldn't be surprised if she really... REALLY hasn't considered the possibility of losing, megalomaniac that she is.

  12. I would think one one have to be a legomaniac (sorry, that typo is just too funny to correct!) to hold parties and produce self-promoting commercials to raise millions, sometimes billions, of dollars to elevate themselves to the top of one of the world's most powerful political systems. People just won't go along with you if you waver and say, "Well, I could lose..." I wouldn't vote for her, but I admire her show of confidence and strategic thinking.

  13. And, Danny, so chic-chit-chat can't include hardball political issues? Careful, Bro. {c;

  14. Glad it was you that said that, Missy! ;-}

  15. And, Danny, so chic-chit-chat can't include hardball political issues?

    Fair jibe, Missy. But I think it depends upon the women involved. If the two women were Laura Ingraham and Whoopie Goldberg, (GO LAURA!!!), then ABSOLUTELY there are going to be hardball questions. But with C&C? Nope...it never had a a chance of going hardball.

    (C'mon...admit it, sister. You weren't surprised either, were you?) ;-)

  16. I'd have to listen to the full interview to know for sure. But I Katie looked like she was about to bust at the seams with Mrs. Clinton's response. I would have pushed that too, it's amusing.

    I guess it just depends on what your definition of hardball is, your so-called "chic-chit-chat" is often very revealing. Like I think this snippet dashed away any doubt for me that Mrs. Clinton is a well practiced fibber. You know she's considered it.


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