Family Friendly : Single Unfriendly

One of my single friends sent this Dilbert to me and it got me to wondering. Can anyone relate to this phenomenon? I think that sometimes work and church can take on a family (read that with children) oriented persona and create a single unfriendly environment. Anyone agree or disagree?


  1. I've been with companies and church bodies that have been both family friendly and single friendly. Sometimes, for a moment, there is a balance, but it usually is at the expense of the other group. We humans roll like that - one extreme to the other.

    I sure hope no one is as deliberate about it as this cartoon - but it is funny.

  2. All the single whiners in my home church used to complain unendingly about how left out they felt. We all had our little children to corral and plan for, and all that mutual support made for a pretty solid clique.

    It is only justice that no I is one.

  3. In my experience, groups that are single-friendly are sometimes family-excluding, and make it uncomfortable for people whose children make a little noise or need something for the children to do that's appropriate.

    The family-friendly groups more often do not intend to be single-excluding - they are just more wrapped up in their children and don't think.

    As a single (now), I don't mind being not planned-for or overlooked by family-friendly groups, because family is the root, the domestic church of society.

    I did get a little hurt when my parish mailed me something as the "Z Family" instead of doing a little simple databasing and sending it to my name alone. I DID complain, politely, and I noticed that the Advent/Christmas schedule that just came was addressed to the "Z Household" which is a little better. They still count parish membership as "x families" and I've been a little acid about whether I count as a family or am I not counted at all? It's okay, though....

  4. Great input so far.. you all have great perspectives!

    Last summer Ann and I met with about 6 singles from our church every other week over the summer watching a video series in our home. When I asked if they wanted to do a small group with us they said that they would rather meet in a group with married and single folks. In November last year we began a small home group and 4 of the 6 came. It has been an interestng and sweet discovery on my part.

  5. The singles group at my church had a long history of being horrible. That leaves them out of the loop on a few things. I don’t know that we even have one now. The ladies group that I led was for women who’s husbands don’t attend church with them, we never turned anyone out so we had singles and women who’s husbands were n the class down the hall.

    They use to dump a ton of work and hours on my sister where she works because she’s single. I do think that some emulate that cartoon.

    It isn’t fair because she has a life.

  6. In Asian, singles are frown upon because the custom is for everyone to be safely married. Marriage is a sign of initiation in the Chinese culture. You are not considered an adult until you are married.


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